This collaboration aims to revolutionize crop spraying for growers in Indiana

AgZen, a leading provider of precision ag equipment and spray technology, is announcing a strategic partnership with WHIN, a prominent nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate adoption of technologies in the Wabash Heartland region of Indiana. In the summer of 2024, AgZen will introduce its cutting-edge RealCoverage units to three of WHIN’s largest farm partners, over 23,000 acres.

Under this partnership, WHIN’s Agriculture Alliance members will participate in AgZen’s lease-to-own program, demonstrating their commitment to adopting advanced agricultural technologies. Throughout the season, the RealCoverage technology will be deployed and optimize a variety of foliar chemistries on both herbicide and fungicide applications.

Farmers will pay $2 per sprayed acre to use the RealCoverage Units under a lease-to-own model.

“WHIN’s strong relationships with growers and their commitment to introducing cutting-edge solutions to their grower network make them an ideal partner for us in Indiana. We are excited to work hand in hand with WHIN and other channel partners throughout the US to drive a new revolution within agricultural spraying and deliver innovative products that can reduce input costs and enhance crop yields, productivity, and environmental sustainability,” said AgZen Founder and CEO Vishnu Jayaprakash.

AgZen’s RealCoverage system introduces feedback optimization to spraying for the very first time, enabling growers to achieve optimal coverage and better yields while spraying up to 50% fewer chemicals and maximizing the efficacy of crop protection products. By integrating these state-of-the-art technologies into their operations, growers can enhance productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

“We recognize the importance of collaborating with innovative companies like AgZen to deliver value-added solutions to our alliance members,” said WHIN CEO Johnny Park. “WHIN’s goal is to empower growers with the latest advancements in agriculture. AgZen aligns with this commitment, and we look forward to a successful partnership and the positive impact it will have on our growers’ operations in Indiana.”

AgZen has leased RealCoverage units to growers from Georgia to Illinois across more than 65,000 acres in 2024. Growers, operators, retailers, distributors, and channel partners can get in touch via AgZen’s website to learn how they can bring RealCoverage to their sprayer for fall applications in 2024 and 2025.