Aerospace giant Airbus will host a webinar on January 31: Supporting the Growth of Your Crops from Space.

Sky Rubin, North America Ag Solutions Manager at Airbus Defence and Space, will be joined by his guest Mark Davis, Pacific Northwest Regional Manager for Simplot SmartFarm, of major US-based agribusiness the J.R. Simplot Company. The webinar is presented in partnership with the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit (San Francisco, March 20-21).

Satellite imagery provides the most comprehensive, regular and cost-effective solution for crop monitoring and precision agriculture. However, satellite images require advanced solutions and sophisticated processing to extract consistent, meaningful, decision-ready information for farmers and their fields.

In the upcoming webinar, Airbus will explain how they addressed these challenges to help Simplot increase operational efficiency by providing fast, daily crop information reports and advice directly to its farmers located across multiple states. “This is an exciting era in the field of Precision Agriculture. Our relationship with Airbus is enabling us to provide our farm customers with improved insight focused on delivering value, efficiency and sustainable productivity of each and every acre,” says Davis. “Data-driven agronomy is allowing farmers to do their part in feeding the growing world population with a safe, healthy and abundant food supply.”

The webinar will also give the industry a first look at the upcoming Airbus FieldMaps API, ahead of its launch later this year. Sky will share insights into how this unique advanced precision analytics service will unlock satellite imagery potential for the entire agriculture industry.

“Our collaboration with Simplot has enabled us to take significant steps forward in our products and services evolution. By integrating key agronomic know-how and automating processes in the cloud, we have implemented a more responsive service which allows us to deliver actionable intelligence for the benefit of their customers,” says Rubin.

The webinar will run on Wednesday, January 31 at 1pm EST (6pm GMT). Free registration is open now at