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Animal AgTech Innovation Summit

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Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, Monday March 18, 2019, San Francisco

About Animal AgTech

Introducing a brand new summit for 2019 as part of Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week:

At the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on March 18, international agribusinesses, livestock producers, feed companies and ingredients manufacturers will join technology providers, entrepreneurs and investors to share innovation and experiences from around the globe, with a specific focus on:

  • Precision Nutrition: Targeting Animal Microbiomes for Functional Health
  • Smart Livestock Farming: Empowering Farmers through Digital Insights
  • Gene Editing: Designing the Farm Animals and Fish of Tomorrow
  • New Pharmaceutical Frontiers: Preventing Diseases through Next-Generation Vaccines
  • The Rise of Aquaculture: Transforming the Industry through Digitization and Alternative Proteins
  • Investment and Finance: How Corporate Venture Funds and VCs view the Opportunities in Animal AgTech

The summit will explore the latest models for technology investment, incubation and commercialization, showcasing the most exciting start-ups from around the world. Networking opportunities throughout the day are supported by a full programme of 1-1 meetings.

Animal AgTech Agenda

10.30 - 10.45
Keynote: How are changing consumer demands for higher-welfare and more sustainable foods altering the livestock industry within a context of global rising protein demand?
10.45 - 11.30
Corporate Perspective: Building the AgTech Innovation Landscape for the Livestock Industry
  • What new pain points are emerging that the livestock industry corporates are looking to solve?
  • What innovation is emerging to improve efficiency, sustainability and welfare, and what is still required?
  • How are livestock industry corporates responding to plant-based proteins and clean meat?
  • Where are the opportunities for greater collaboration between innovators and corporates? What collaboration models have proved successful? What innovation strategies are emerging to encourage new solutions?
11.30 - 12.15
Precision Nutrition: Targeting Animal Microbiomes for Efficiency, Sustainability and Functional Health
  • With antibiotics off the table, livestock farmers need an alternative approach to improving efficiency of production. What innovation is emerging to target gut microbiomes to improve preventative health, animal produce quality, feed conversion efficiency and nutrient absorption?
  • How far will precision nutrition be able to transform the efficiency and sustainability of the livestock industry? What are its limitations and how does it fit into the wider animal agtech ecosystem?
  • What collaboration and investment are needed to accelerate research and development of increasingly effective, targeted products and make these cost-effective for the famer?
  • With health and nutrition converging, how is the industry changing and what new innovation and collaboration opportunities are opening up?
12.15 - 12.45
New Pharmaceutical Frontiers: Preventing Diseases through Smart Diagnostics and Next-Generation Vaccines
  • With demand for antibiotics decreasing, what trends are emerging in the animal health industry and what innovation does the industry require?
  • What new methods are emerging for developing and administering vaccines, as well as diagnosing diseases, and how will these disrupt the animal health industry?
  • How are corporates and start-ups collaborating to bring these solutions to market sooner?
12.45 - 1.45
Networking Lunch
  • 18% of greenhouse gases are attributed to the livestock industry. What is the role of digitisation in bridging the efficiency gap and transforming livestock farming to make it more sustainable?
  • What innovative methods are emerging to monitor livestock and offer actionable insights to farmers for herd management, disease detection and nutrition needs? How are these disrupting the sector? What are the limitations of these farm management technologies and how can these gaps be filled?
  • What collaboration and investment are required to bring these technologies to the wider market and make them cost-effective for farmers?
2.30 - 3.15
Gene Editing: Designing the Farm Animals and Fish of Tomorrow
  • What innovation is emerging in genome editing and genetically modifying livestock and fish for disease resistance, heat tolerance, reproductive efficiency and growth efficiency?
  • What is needed to overcome regulatory hurdles at pace? What opportunities do developing countries, especially Brazil and Argentina, offer for gene-edited animals to gain traction?
  • What innovative business models are emerging to commercialise gene-edited animals? What partnerships and investment are needed to accelerate this and achieve scale?
  • With editing technologies becoming increasingly precise and consumer perceptions changing, what are the predictions for next five years? What lessons are to be learned from GM crops?
3.15 - 4.00
Start-Up Showcase

Four exciting animal agtech entrepreneurs each have seven minutes to pitch their technology solutions and outline their business strategy before taking questions from a ‘Shark Panel’.

4.00 - 4.30
Networking Break
4.30 - 5.15
The Rise of Aquaculture: Transforming the Industry through Digitization and Alternative Protein Feeds
  • What are the emerging opportunities for innovators and investors in the aquaculture space? How far will aquaculture be able to provide the sustainably produced protein required to feed the world, and what is the role of technology in making these as efficient, high quality and sustainable as possible?
  • How are the challenges in aquaculture different to livestock farming and what innovation is needed to overcome these challenges? What innovation can be translated from livestock farming?
  • How is the utilisation of alternative protein feeds and precision feeding technologies improving the sustainability of aquaculture? What are the opportunities for start-ups and feed corporates to collaborate to scale innovation?
  • How are accelerators supporting new aquaculture technologies?
5.15 - 6.00
Investor Debate: How Corporate Venture Funds and VCs view the Opportunities in Animal AgTech
  • Which areas of animal ag-tech are most exciting to VC and strategic investors and have the biggest potential for growth and transforming the industry?
  • What is the right type of finance and investment to scale and build start-ups in livestock? What are the exist horizons? What is the appetite for investing from corporate venture, VCs, growth equity and family offices?
  • Why should investors invest in farm animal agtech, how can more capital be driven to this sector from the human health and companion animal spaces, and what lessons can be translated over to the sector from these other sectors?
  • What is the role of accelerators and strategic investment in fostering the innovation ecosystem in animal ag-tech?
  • Given the excitement about animal agtech and the nascency of the industry, what are investors predictions over the next five years?


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Animal AgTech Innovation Summit (Monday, March 18)

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