Groundwork BioAg announced the global launch of the Rootella Carbon program, based on mycorrhizal carbon – a frontier technology that leverages mycorrhizal fungi as a nature-based solution for carbon dioxide removal.

Rootella Carbon harnesses the power of Rootella – highly effective mycorrhizal inoculants that are proven to sequester significant amounts of carbon in cropland (1-4 tCO2eq/acre annually). This innovative, Verra-certified program represents a transformative approach to carbon sequestration for conventional and regenerative farmers alike.

“Since our inception, we have known that mycorrhiza – the Queen of Biologicals – offers a compelling agricultural solution to mitigate climate change,” said Dr. Yossi Koffman, co-founder and CEO of Groundwork BioAg. “Rootella Carbon delivers on that vision by paving the way to a gigaton of CO2 sequestration in the next decade.”

Rootella has been applied on over 4.5 million acres in 17 countries.

Rootella Carbon Enrollment Unlocks New Value

Carbon credit programs have been touted as a new revenue source for farmers, but adoption has been slow thus far due to high costs and practice change requirements.

In a recent survey of top producers in the United States, 63% of respondents said they would enroll in a carbon program if a product like Rootella unlocks additional revenue and fits easily into existing farming practices. Simultaneously, carbon buyers are fueling demand for premium, verifiable credits to meet net-zero pledges responsibly and sustainably.

This year, a select group of corn, soybean, alfalfa, and cotton farmers across eight states enrolled acres in Rootella Carbon, the first mycorrhizal carbon project in the world.

“Clearly soil biology is the new frontier and will be for the next 10 years,” said Sledge Taylor, who farms corn, soybean and cotton on a multi-generational farm in Mississippi and enrolled in Rootella Carbon. “I invest in my soil; it is a true asset.”

Mycorrhizal Fungi are Carbon’s Main Pathway into Soil. Courtesy of Groundwork BioAg

Rootella Carbon Program Ushers in a New Asset Class

  • Enables Adoption by Conventional and Regenerative Farmers: Rootella Carbon provides growers the additionality, or practice change, needed for carbon credit eligibility, regardless of current cultivation practices.
  • Delivers Carbon Permanence: Mycorrhizal fungi are carbon’s main pathway into the soil. Up to 20% of plant photosynthate is passed to mycorrhizae, creating a positive net flux of carbon into the soil. Mycorrhizae aggregate soil particles to form stable and recalcitrant carbon-based molecules that persist in the soil for millennia.
  • Boasts Impressive Co-Benefits: Groundwork BioAg was the first to crack the code on mass production of mycorrhiza for mainstream agriculture. By joining the Rootella Carbon program, farmers can leverage the co-benefits of Rootella products, including increased yields, fertilizer savings, and stress tolerance, while earning carbon credits.
  • Generates Premium Carbon Credits: Rootella Carbon farmers expect to sequester 1-4 tCO2eq per acre per year—an unprecedented carbon sequestration rate. Carbon buyers gain access to high-integrity, high-volume, Verra-certified carbon credits.

Enrollment in Rootella Carbon is currently open to farms with a minimum of 250 acres, at

About Groundwork BioAg

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