Shaping Business Models and Innovative Solutions For The Agri-Food Market

Mark Thompson, Vice President, Business Development at Nutrien reveals how the company is creating successful business models and innovative solutions to support growers in the agri-food sector.

Mark Thompson, Vice President, Business Development at Nutrien

The convergence of global agri-food trends and developments is shaping an operating environment that is increasingly dynamic and complex to navigate. We are observing the collective impact of industry consolidation, increasing digital connectivity, trade uncertainty, weak commodity prices and the confluence of sustainability and evolving consumer preferences, to name just a few.

Against this backdrop, we have the responsibility and challenge as an industry to build the innovative foundations to support a greater than 50% increase in food production over the next 30 years. We’re seeing stakeholders from across the ecosystem moving to respond to this call to action in a variety of ways – and never has the criticality of the global agri-food sector been as well recognized as it is today.

It’s clear that no company or technology can tackle this challenge single-handedly – and a landscape characterized by a growing number of disparate and fragmented point solutions only serves to increase the complexity we are attempting to reduce.
At Nutrien, we are focused on playing a leading and collaborative role in the development and delivery of integrated solutions that support growers’ ability to sustainably increase both productivity and profitability.

With a unique global operating position that extends from “ground to grower” – combining the world’s largest crop nutrient business with the world’s largest direct-to-grower, retail distribution platform – we are striving to leverage our industry position to simplify the landscape. This includes facilitating collaboration across the value chain and building new value on the farm by providing the know-how, trusted advice and innovation to facilitate adoption and scalability in bringing new technologies to growers and the market.

Nutrien continues to actively engage in targeted strategic partnerships, investments and acquisitions to build the foundations needed to drive innovation both internally and externally. We are working with growers, established agricultural strategics, early-stage companies, AgTech venture funds, downstream stakeholders, educational institutions and leaders from outside of food and agriculture to accelerate the development and commercialization of integrated solutions that support the long-term success of our customers and our industry.

The World AgriTech Innovation Summit provides a unique forum that brings together a broad group of stakeholders from across the agricultural, food and financing verticals to showcase new and emerging innovation and technology, while facilitating constructive debate and dialogue on issues that are critical to the future of our industry and society at large. I’m excited to return as a speaker to the Summit, representing Nutrien on the Leaders Debate panel on Day 2 of World Agri-Tech, discussing New Approaches to Bringing Innovation to Market at 9.15am.

I’d also encourage everyone to visit Nutrien Ag Solutions’ interactive innovation experience from 1 – 2.15pm on March 20 and say hello to our team during our session on Becoming the Ag Retailer of the Future: Nutrien’s Integrated Approach to Meeting Growers’ Needs.
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