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Roundtable Networking Debates: 5-6pm Tuesday March 19

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About Roundtables

The networking roundtable debates are one of the most popular, interactive sessions on the agenda. Take your pick of 40 topics, each hosted by an industry thought leader. Bring your business cards, as this offers unbeatable networking with like-minded delegates who share your focus.

1: Choose a topic
2: Check the location (Continental Ballroom 2nd Floor, or Plaza Ballroom 1st Floor)
3: Join the table and enjoy the discussion!

Time: 5-6pm on Day 1 (Tuesday March 19) followed by networking drinks.

Continental Ballroom – 2nd Floor

  • 1Edge Computing: How can edge computing be applied to agtech challenges?
    [Host: Cameron Holbrook, AMAZON]
  • 2Precision Farming: How does precision farming scale between developed and developing countries?
    [Host: Clement Matyuhov, ONESOIL]
  • 3FinTech & AgTech: What new opportunities are emerging from supply chain digitization?
    [Host: Sanjeev Krishna, S2G]
  • 4Connectivity: Overcoming roadblocks and finding solutions to connectivity challenges
    [Host: Chris Harry Thomas, INMARSAT]
  • 5Market Access: Scaling your business by leveraging digital capabilities of Ag Retail
    [Host: Sol Goldfarb, NUTRIEN AG SOLUTIONS]
  • 6Remote Sensing: How much can we know without visiting the field?
  • 7Farmer Perspectives: What do progressive farmers need from tech and investors?
  • 8Farm Data & Creating Value: What farm data are consumers and agri-food businesses looking for?
    [Host: Remi Schmaltz, DECISIVE FARMING]
  • 9A.I. at the Edge and Cloud: From better seeds and inputs to improving farmer productivity
    [Host: Ranveer Chandra, MICROSOFT]
  • 10Why the UK?: Why should the UK Agri-Food Tech Sector be the partner of choice for your business and investment?
  • 11Automation: When will a fully autonomous vehicle be commercially available?
    [Host: Abe Hughes, TRIMBLE]
  • 12Agri-Food Mega Trends: Gartner Hype Cycle – What’s Hype? What’s here to stay? Who are the disruptors?
    [Host: Louis Fu, TENCENT]
  • 13Data Access, Quality & Privacy: What data is needed to drive profitability and better onfarm decisions?
    [Host: Gigi Arino, SYNGENTA]
  • 14Corporate Mindset: How can big companies maintain a start-up culture and mindset?
    [Host: James Weed, CARGILL]
  • 15VC & Start-Ups: How are VCs removing the barriers to agtech market adoption?
    [Host: Scott Horner, MIDDLELAND CAPITAL]
  • 16Family Office Investing: What opportunities and partnerships are family offices targeting?
  • 17Addressing the complexity of farming: Can a solutions offering create greater value for the farmer than selling products?
    [Host: Sid Gorham, GRANULAR]
  • 18Digital Transformation in Ag Retail: Where does Ag Retail need to invest to not be the next Sears?
    [Host: Joel Wipperfurth, WINFIELD UNITED, a Land O Lakes company]
  • 19Future Direction for OEM: What is the future of Ag Equipment?
    [Host: Kyle Dooley, CNH]
  • 20Robotics on the Farm:Scaling from pilot to mainstream [Host: Nolan Paul, YAMAHA]

Plaza Ballroom – 1st Floor

  • 21 Investment Partners: What is the right type of investor to grow your company?
    [Host: Michael Helmstetter, TECHACCEL]
  • 22 Collaboration After Consolidation: What opportunities will exist for small companies?
    [Host: Eran Kosover, AGPLENUS]
  • 23 Consumer Acceptance: Communicating the benefits of technology.
    [Host: Brie Reiter-Smith, DRISCOLL’S]
  • 24 Mergers in the Agri-Food Sector: What will the landscape look like at the end of 2019?
    [Host: Jim Blome, CALYXT]
  • 25 Blockchain in the Agri-Food Supply Chain: Will blockchain fix the agri-food industry’s trust problem?
    [Host: David McCarty, IBM]
  • 26 Gene Editing & NPBT: What collaborations are needed to develop the products of the future?
    [Host: Ben Belldegrun, PONTIFAX AGTECH]
  • 27 Smallholder Farms & Agtech: What leapfrog opportunities come from digitization?
    [Host: Mark Kahn, OMNIVORE]
  • 28 Indoor Agriculture: What will bring the biggest yields – A.I., genomics or automation?
    [Host: Sonia Lo, CROP ONE HOLDINGS]
  • 29 Women in Tech: Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Agri-Food
    [Host: Louisa Burwood-Taylor, AGFUNDER]
  • 30Exit Strategy & Investment: What is the right exit for a start-up?
    [Host: Arama Kukutai, FINISTERE VENTURES]
  • 31 Tackling the Adoption Barrier: Creating innovation with farmers
    [Host: Pete Nelson, AGLAUNCH]
  • 32 The Emergence of Hemp: Opportunities for hemp as the major agricultural crop
    [Host: Erich Veitenheimer, COOLEY]
  • 33 Soil Health & Climate Change: What technologies and partnerships can make a difference?
    [Host: William Buckner, NOBLE RESEARCH INSTITUTE]
  • 34 Biologicals & Nutrition: What is the right type of model for scaling biologicals?
    [Host: Kyle Freeman, MOSAIC]
  • 35 Gen Z, Millennials & Baby Boomers: How are shifting consumer preferences and sustainability goals reshaping agriculture?
    [Host: Megan Weidner, BUNGE]
  • 36 Digitalization: New ways to innovate in food and ag
    [Host: Bob Reiter, BAYER]
  • 37Going Upstream or Downstream: Business model innovation for ag biologicals
    [Host: Tom Snipes, PLANT RESPONSE]
  • 38Research as a Service (RaaS): Is there a market for value-added Raas, for emerging and established companies?
    [Host: Neal Gutterson, CORTEVA]
  • 39Commercializing Early Stage Innovation from Universities: 
    [Host: Dan Flynn, UC DAVIS]
  • 40Synthetic Biology: What is it today and how will it transform tomorrow’s food system?
    [Host: Michael Miille, JOYN BIO]
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