The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit welcomed over 2,400 agri-food businesses, technology giants, start-ups, scale-ups and investors to exchange insights and identify future partners on March 19-20, 2024.

At its flagship event, the World Agri-Tech hosted main stage sessions, breakout discussions, and the all-new scale-up hub in the Start-Up Arena, all dedicated to latest tech discovery and networking in San Francisco. Over 2,300 delegates joined us in person, extending to a global audience of over 2,400 via the interactive livestream.

From the exhibition and main stage, to the start-up arena and hotel lobby, spilling out to business HQs and evening dinners, San Francisco lived and breathed agri-food tech all week, with non-stop pitching and conversing in every corner of the city!

Enjoy our lightning summary of the summit action complete with video highlights, photo gallery, impactful takeaways and major announcements.

Highlight Reel: Relive Two Packed Days

Session Highlights

Navigating Incentives for Decarbonization in Agriculture

“What you will see out of the USDA is an approach which is voluntary incentive based, it’s about collaboration, not that not doing policy to agriculture, but doing it with agriculture. Look for opportunities to find value that rewards producers in the marketplace. And so, it’s about incentives, markets, an effort to work with agriculture”

Robert Bonnie, Undersecretary for Farm Production & Conservation, USDA



The GenAI Era

“We’re automating tasks that would have normally required a visit to a farm to understand or know that there might be a change on that farm that warrants attention. What this is doing is really automating that, and allowing an agribusiness to get early warning signs of some kind of change within that farm, and really manage those signals at a portfolio level”

Elizabeth Fastiggi, Head of Worldwide Business Development, Agriculture, AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS)

The Next Decade of Venture Capital

“Most people have the wrong perception of venture capital. We always take a long view, and fundamentally invest in real technology innovation, which takes long term. If you’re doing technology innovation, it’s five years before you get to market”

Vinod Khosla, Founder, KHOSLA VENTURES



The Next Decade of Venture Capital

“From a capital market perspective, a lot of folks lost money. But the improvements from technology and food and agriculture systems is demonstrating itself. And we’re really at the early stages of what I think will be some long term compounding effects that will result from a lot of these technologies actually starting to work together”




Digital Financing in Agriculture

“The farmer will react to two things in this world, more efficient way to do his or her job, or more profit. It is that simple. So if there’s a path that we can tie in finance, to sustainability, and change that narrative and monetize that back the farmer, they’re all in.”

Matt Carstens, President & CEO, LANDUS


Redefining AgTech Investing for Long Term Resilience

“I think we’ve done a poor job of marketing companies and showing enough progress within the agri-tech market to attract generalist capital, which is coming from bigger funds with deeper pockets that can help sustain some of these companies through the longer term.”

Eric O’Brien, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, FALL LINE CAPITAL

What Delegates Said

“Events like this are tremendously energizing, it’s a great place to exchange, where we can discuss and debate ideas, figure out ways to solve the most important challenges in an effective way.”

Head of Climate, Digital Farming and Ecosystems, BAYER CROP SCIENCE

“It’s a great opportunity for us to actually see the innovations that are coming along, new technologies, to think about how we shape our government programs in a way that can support innovation.”

Undersecretary for Farm Production & Conservation, USDA

“A great industry event that everybody flocks to. There’s so much happening in the exhibition, in the hallways and the meeting rooms to meet new partners that help you solve solutions for your customers”

Head of Climate, Chief Digital Officer, CNH INDUSTRIAL

“World Agri-Tech is the event of events to discuss topics from Venture Captial, Genomics, Biologicals, AgTech… If you’re not here, you’re not in Ag”

Head of Computational Agronomy, SYNGENTA GROUP

“World Agri Tech remains the premiere networking conference for thought leaders in the ag industry.”

Strategic Market Development Manager, GROWMARK

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