World Agri-Tech Workshop with IN10T: The X Factor of Ag Innovation Adoption

Agriculture is rapidly changing, and the on-farm adoption of emerging innovations is at a crossroads. What are the most compelling factors in bringing new technology to the farm?

Ag industry veteran Randy Barker, co-founder and CEO of IN10T, will sit down with a farmer, an ag business, and an investor to discuss the myriad of considerations that impact the farmers’ decision-making to bring new technology to the farm.

Why should you join?

  • Benefit from a cross-sectional discussion about drivers of adoption on farm
  • Hear how digital technology is critical to scale customer/client experience (adding value, transparency to process) but relationships and touchpoints can’t be substituted
  • Listen to client, farmer, investor perspectives regarding on-farm adoption

Who is this workshop for?

  • Agtech start-ups
  • Multi-national corporates
  • Venture Capital and investors

Get involved – it’s interactive! 

  • You’ll be asked to share your views through polls during the workshop
  • Submit your questions or discussion topic in advance for the panel

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